Paul Anagnostopoulos aka DTCHPLNES is an American Electronic Music Producer, DJ, and Songwriter from Detroit Michigan, affiliated with Fat Finger Cosmic Records and Get Summered Collective

Technoir is the self released debut studio album, street release date February 2nd 2016. Recording Sessions took place from 2014-15 at Conclave Studios in Hamtramck and Studio A in Dearborn Michigan. Technoir is an homage to Detroit’s past, present and future but is also used to invoke associations with the classic film noir genre. The music showcases a diverse assortment of styles combining live instruments, drum machines, samples and some of the most talented artists in Detroit. The album features guest appearances by: Danny Brown, Tunde Olaniran, Melanie Rutherford, Fat Ray, Liz Shar and Sam Beaubien.

The first video and single (Sight) will be released on January 18th and pre order will be available the same day.




Debates about the intro went on for a good week but in the end it’s all about making that initial statement. Blurring the line that separates live instrumentation from samples and focusing on creating a record that was on a higher level. For a time in my life I wasn’t sure if this album would ever see the light of day. We Made It.

Made with the trusty Akai MPC 2K, three chops, live drums and bass. With love from Detroit.
Drums : Tim Smith
Bass : Elvin Ferraira

I was initially introduced to Danny Brown through his former Selector, DJ Bet. The Hip Hop community in the city was a relatively small group of artists, over time we built a relationship and worked together on a few events providing him a platform to showcase his talent. His tour had just ended and he came directly from the airport, jumped on the mic and and gave it that grease, done deal. I’ve been lucky enough to watch his growth and call him a friend. Made with the Akai MPC 2K, two Moog records, a fifth of Henny and a gang of blunts. Enjoy

There has always been a fundamental problem in this country with law enforcements relationship with the African American community but it seems to only be getting worse and lives are still being lost. Shedding more light on a situation that effects us all, #FuckThePolice 3am on a Sunday morning, Ableton, Akai MPC 2K and a few blunts while watching the Baltimore riots. #RIPFreddieGray

100% Ableton and one of the first pieces I fully fleshed out on the Push, no samples. My aim was to create something haunting, that eerie feeling riding through the city as the sun rises. For this piece in particular, I wanted an artist who could fully pull you in through their experiences growing up in the city of Detroit. I’ve known and been a fan of Fat Ray for a long time, he is one of the cities most talented artists and this collaboration was long overdue. Keep giving them the truth Ray.

Scorpion on the ad-libs.

Ableton Push, Roland Fantom X6. This was my interpretation of some of the early records I grew up to that were created in Detroit. Everything from George Clinton, Juan Atkins, J Dilla, Moodyman and the list goes on forever. One of the tracks that defines Technoir. It actually plays well with some of the scenes from Robocop and Terminator too.

Straight bounce music.

My man Jefferson put me up on this record, it’s from the 80’s but sounded so futuristic I had to mess with it, thank you. I remixed this piece a few times, looking for that perfect mix of breakbeat electro X synth trap. I’ve really been playing with dual tempo’s in some of my new work, giving the listener two different feels while adding some complexity. Liz Shar is an extremely talented artist and great friend, be on the lookout.

Akai MPC 2K, Ableton Push, Roland Fantom X6, Juno, 3 chops, X 100 blunts.

Tunde is just special, it’s that simple. He’s been on my radar since his Yung Archetype EP but it wasn’t until I saw his live performance that I fully understood this progressive young artist. The last song recorded for the album we were introduced through our mutual friend Samantha Banks.

Ableton Push.

Favoring an international vibe, I experimented looking for a common link between different styles and cultures of music. How could I bridge these gaps? What would it look, sound and feel like? Remixed over a few times I chose to go the route of Latin dance, Euro House and American Trap, keeping the same tempo throughout even as I cut the drums to halftime. Changing shapes the same way Cyberdyne changed John Connor.

Ableton Push X drum break.

More than anything with this album I wanted to share my growth. Being from a more traditional Hip Hop background I wanted to break away a bit and try working on music I’ve always loved but never created. I celebrate my musical history but I’m not defined by it, always pushing and moving forward onto the next chapter of the journey. The song title is actually named after a clothing line out of New York that my man Majors’ started, peep game.

Three chops, Ableton Push and a classic drum break.

I’ve learned that being a great producer is like being a great coach, you have to have a sense of confidence in conveying your vision. I don’t play any instruments but its my job to get the musicians to believe in what I’m trying to accomplish. This is my favorite song and proudest moment as a producer. Melanie has been a friend for years, easy breezy. Grand Opening Grand Closing. Ableton Push, Akai MPC 2K, Fender Rhodes, Roland Fantom, live Bass, Keys and Trumpet.

Trumpet : Sam Beaubien
Bass : Elvin Ferraira
Keys : Niklaus Landstrom

Recorded over two sessions last fall, we originally recorded three songs for the album, this being our first. The music was an ode to 90’s RnB, something real lush and wavy for the summertime, caked in Reverb. This city is built on sweat and hard work, the time for Detroit is now.

Akai MPC 2K, Roland Fantom X6
Synth: Bryan Lebeuf

Working within the same music community I’ve known Blair French for some time but it wasn’t until these last few years that we developed a close friendship. An extremely talented Producer/Artist, this was our second time working together as he also created the cover of my first project. The original title for the album was 3D Printing and from there we talked about the possibilities in creating 3D artwork. All the credit goes to Blair though, he took the time to study and create a one of a kind piece. We laughed so hard the first time we saw it with the glasses and last but possibly most important, the musicians. They say you’re only as strong as the team around you and I consider myself truly blessed to know and have great relationships with these talented people. Thank you for taking the journey with me.

2015 All songs written and produced by Paul Anagnostopoulos for Publish Or Perish (BMI). All lyrics written by featured artist. Recorded at Conclave Studios. Mixed and Mastered at Studio A. All songs Mixed and Mastered by Todd Fairall, Charlie Beans, Eric Morgeson. Contributors : Sam Beaubien, Elvin Ferreira, Bryan Lebeuf, Tim Smith, Scorpion, Niklaus Landstrom.

Consultation: Matthew Anagnostopoulos.
Design and Layout Blair French.
Made in Detroit Mi. USA. Email :








Limited Edition debut studio album with full 3D artwork. The LP is accompanied with 3D glasses, free digital download with two additional songs not included on the vinyl. PRICE $15

COMBO PACK – 12” & 10”


Includes the first EP release “What We Want” and debut LP “Technoir”. The vinyl’s will be accompanied with 3D glasses and free digital downloads + bonus tracks. PRICE $20



The first EP release. “What We Want” featuring Danny Brown, “Lost baggage” and the chill wave bass heavy “Cashmere Remix”. Also includes a free digital download. PRICE $10


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